Setlist - 10 Apr 2020
10pm Good Friday at the Global Virtual Burn

Tags: burn, online, coronavirus

  • [Am] See his love - Tim Lockley
  • [Am] Break Every Chain - Will Reagan
  • [Bb] Your blood - Matt Redman
  • [Bb] Man of Sorrows, What a Name - Philip Bliss
  • [Bb] Is He Worthy? - Andrew Peterson, Ben Shive
  • [Bb] I cling to the cross - Chris Juby

Hannah and I took our turn among 168 households of musicians leading a full week of livestreamed Burn 24/7 worship. It's amazing to feel the sense of global connectedness in the midst of local separation.

It's Good Friday, so we planned a set centred on the Cross and tried not too skip ahead to the Resurrection too much. Our theme was the victory that looked like defeat, and all the benefits we gain from it.

'See His Love' is such a strong song. A great start to the set and a nice link into 'Break Every Chain'.

At the end of 'Break Every Chain', I broke... a guitar string. I had to rush through to the other room and grab a spare guitar. That's clearly the answer for string breaks on Sundays as well: livestreaming! (Or, yes, having a spare guitar.) Happily, the break couldn't have come at a better moment, because we were transitioning key and vibe anyway.

I read from the end of Hebrews 10, which speaks of holding onto unwavering hope through trials, and of not neglecting to meet together (even when we have to do it in such artificial ways), and of the blood of Jesus at the source.

We sang Matt Redman's 'You Blood' and then into a pared back version of 'Man of Sorrows' (the hymn), then some spontaneous singing around God's provision for us and acceptance of us even in our brokenness.

'Is He Worthy?' has been in my soul so much these past few days. The opening question, "Do you feel the world is broken?" has rarely felt more apt, the affirmations of God's care for us, the reflection "Is it good that we remind ourselves of this?" and then looking up to Jesus, enthroned and worthy of praise through it all. This is the sanest of responses!

We finished with my song 'I Cling to the Cross': a personal affirmation that Christ is our own hope in the darkness.

I'm so moved by the sense of fellowship with brothers and sisters on every continent through this time. So thankful for Burn. And so in need of Jesus.