Setlist - 4 Nov 2018
Morning Worship at Kings

Tags: communion

  • [E] For all the saints - William How, Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • [F] Only A Holy God - Michael Farren, Jonny Robinson, Dustin Smith, Rich Thompson
  • [F] All my days - Stuart Townend
  • [F] Who is there like you? - Paul Oakley
  • [C] Jesus paid it all - Elvina Hall, John Grape
  • [G] Jesus, You Call Us - Joel Payne

Rather a mix of themes and practical hitches in the mix today, but all good overall.

I was feeling conscious of our place in the global and historical church as I prepped, and with All Saints day in the week, I thought I'd take the opportunity to start with 'For All The Saints'. I was then trying to pick up the thread of the promise we have in Christ and our future destiny, and lead towards communion. The songs in the first set tell that story, but it's a relatively complex journey and I'm not sure I managed to narrate it completely clearly.

Loads of people brought prayers and readings in the first set. (I'm not sure whether that was inspired by the theme or in compensation for the lack of clarity, but it was great!) The contributions and Katherine's exhortations around communion really expanded the vision.

We were having some glitches in our wireless system today, and I think my guitar battery might have been on the way out, so several times I was distracted by technical issues. For 'Jesus Paid It All' I had no guitar sound at all. As ever, though, when I spoke with people afterwards no one had really noticed the problems. For that reason, these days I mostly just flow with it without comment when there are hitches.

Andy preached powerfully from Daniel 6 on holding faith in a hostile environment. We could have responded at length but we were well over time. Instead we finished with a very rousing version of my 'We Will Trust'.