Setlist - 5 Oct 2018
11pm at the October Burn

Tags: burn

  • [E] A Call to Night Worshippers - Chris Juby
  • [E] I Need You Now - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Scott Ligertwood
  • [E] Your grace is enough - Reuben Morgan
  • [E] Way Maker - Sinach Joseph
  • [E] No Longer Slaves - Jonathan Helser; Joel Case; Brian Johnson

Hannah and I led the last slot at the October Burn. A great atmosphere, as always. We were joined by Matthew on keys and Curtis on drums.

That's the fourth time Hannah and I have led together, and easily the most fluent. We had a clear sense of theme in planning and we were very much of one mind as we led on the night.

We started with a live debut for my song 'A Call to Night Worshippers'. That song is directly from Psalm 134. I actually wrote it with events like Burn in mind even though I hadn't started leading at Burn yet.

Psalm 134 is a call to worship for the priests who were to minister in the temple through the night. There's something profound about seeking the Lord when others are going to sleep. I love the way this thousands-of-years-old psalm captures the same sense of anticipation that I feel coming to a late-night worship event today.

I also love how well it goes leading a totally new song at Burn. In regular public worship there's a lull of energy and focus when you teach a new song: a sense that you need to win the room over. But people who come to Burn are there to give themselves to worship. Within a verse or two people had picked the song up, and by the end it was absolutely flying.

We followed on with a theme of seeking God and receiving grace again. The set flowed fantastically well. Each new song felt exactly the right thing to sing. The journey from acknowledging our need to proclaiming the mighty truths of God's goodness to us was so Gospel. We absolutely declared the affirmations of 'Way Maker', and flowing into "You split the sea so I could walk right through it" completely cemented the theme.

We ended lingering on the tender lines in the second verse of 'No Longer Slaves'. After some intense heights, we sang almost a cappella "I'm no longer a slave to fear / I am a child of God" as we closed.

Love it.

In a very busy week with a lot of worship leading, this evening was powerfully energising.