Setlist - 12 Nov 2017
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [D] Crown him with many crowns - Matthew Bridges, Godfrey Thring, George Elvey
  • [E] We believe in one God - Chris Juby
  • [E] So Will I - Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin
  • [E] Here I am to worship - Tim Hughes
  • [A] You never let go - Matt Redman
  • [E] The Lion and the Lamb - Brian Johnson, Brenton Brown, Leeland Mooring

Lots of words to start this morning! 'Crown Him' is famously verbose, but so useful as a way to acknowledge Remembrance Sunday as we sing "that wars may cease/and all be prayer and praise". Then my version of the Nicene Creed, then a debut at Morning Worship for 'So Will I'.

'So will I' has had such a powerful impact on me personally; it has the freshest lyrics I've heard in while; but it's so long and dominant in any set where it appears that it's almost too much. I think we established it well this morning, but there's a sense after you've sung it that the congregation needs processing time to digest what they've sung. It worked well going from there into 'Here I Am to Worship'. 'Here I Am' picks up some of the same themes but it's a much simpler song and so well known that people can worship without too much extra thought.

Andy preached a vivid sermon on the unholy trinity of beasts in Revelation 12 with the lights quite low in the room to accentuate the atmosphere (and make the powerpoint more visible). The room felt very intense as I got back up to lead response. We had gremlins in one of the wireless receivers, which almost felt appropriate.

The pre-chorus of 'You Never Let Go' felt very apposite:

I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
And if my god is with me
Whom then shall I fear?

And then lots of powerful affirmations in 'The Lion and the Lamb'.