Setlist: 29 Oct 2017
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [C] A Mighty Fortress - Martin Luther
  • [F] Worship the Lord - Chris Juby
  • [F] All my days - Stuart Townend
  • [F] Bless the Lord, O my soul - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin

The span of history in view today.

Mindful of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on Tuesday, we started with 'A Mighty Fortress'. That's the second time we've done it in a month. I don't think we'll add it to the regular repertoire, though. I respect it's place in hymnody, but it's a bit too arcane and austere for frequent use.

I led the opening block building on the theme of God's work in history. My Psalm 100 speaks of God's enduring faithfulness, then 'All My Days' spells that out in the Gospel story and points to our eternal destiny. We paused for extemporary prayers and the theme naturally developed to considering our part in it all: simply to recognise and respond in worship. After a lot of content (and nothing in 4:4 time signature) it was a great release to sing '10,000 Reasons'.

Mark preached towards the endurance of the saints in Revelation, so we responded joining the song from Revelation 7 with 'Salvation Belongs to Our God'. There was a heavy sense of reverence afterwards. We prayed for our brothers and sisters facing persecution around the world, and finished with my eschatological-tinged 'We Will Trust'.

I was pretty out of voice after leading at a wedding yesterday, and a little distracted in preparation, but the depth of God speaking to us was much greater than the frailties of the worship leader.