Setlist - 22 Oct 2017
Sunday evening at Kings

  • [G] Here for you - Matt Redman, Jesse Reeves, Tim Wanstall, Matt Maher
  • [F] We stand and lift up our hands - Chris Tomlin
  • [F] So Will I - Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin
  • [F] This is amazing grace [chorus, bridge] - Phil Wickham, Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle
  • [A] Everyone needs compassion - Rueben Morgan, Ben Fielding
  • [A] All heaven declares - Noel Richards,Tricia Richards
  • [A] King of kings, majesty - Jarrod Cooper

My first time leading Evening Worship this term. I've got several strong leaders at the moment so I was very confident letting others get the year underway.

The main element in my planning for today was teaching the song 'So Will I' from the recent Hillsong United album. It's a while since I've been so impacted by a new song. There are at least half a dozen lines or sections in the lyrics that really feel like they elevate our worship vocabulary, and the journey of the song is very powerful.

Even though I love the song, I was a little nervous about running it because it's so long (three verses, three long choruses and a bridge). But we rehearsed up a great sounding version and it absolutely soared in the room.

I'm really emphasising the theme of God's eternal glory and the destiny of the universe at the moment. That came out a lot again tonight.

Chris preached on the Resurrection. The response focus was on how we should live as a consequence of the Resurrection and I pulled in some older songs to work that out. We haven't sung 'King of Kings, Majesty' for a very long time. It was a strong finish.