Setlist - 14 Dec 2014
Carol Service at Kings

Tags: christmas, carols

  • [G] O come, all ye faithful - John F. Wade
  • [E] While shepherds watched - Na¬≠hum Tate
  • [C] The Shepherds' News - Morven Adey
  • [F] Angels from the realms of glory - James Montgomery
  • [D] Joy to the world - Isaac Watts
  • [Em] O Lord, hear my prayer - Jacques Berthier
  • [F] Hark, the herald angels sing - Charles Wesley

A re-run of last week's Evening Carol Service, but with a few tweaks to engage with the different range of people who come to our morning meeting.

In theory I should be more fluent with this set than any other I lead in the year. This is the only one that I repeat. But I had a variety of technical issues with my foldback and guitar and was left feeling very chaotic. Luckily the band, choir and brass band were well on top of things.

We used a great kids song that Morven wrote to accompany the kids drama sketch. The kids Christmas drama is always a highlight of the Kings year.

We also added 'O Lord, hear my prayer' to accompany the prayer response after the sermon. People hung prayer requests on the Christmas tree as we meditated on the words of the song.

Leading Christmas carols is wonderfully rich every year. As well as the expanded band and choir, the congregation sing carols with great enthusiasm so the sound is incredible. And in some of those carols we celebrate the most incredible truth in history: God has come amongst us.

That's my last time leading worship this year. (Well, except for a wedding on Saturday.) Happy Christmas, all! See you in 2015...