Setlist - 7 Sep 2014
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [D] Holy, holy, holy - Reginald Heber, John Bacchus Dykes
  • [E] This is amazing grace - Phil Wickham, Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle
  • [E] My hope is built on nothing less - Edward Mote, William Bradbury
  • [E] Jesus, be the centre - Michael Frye
  • [C] Speak, O Lord - Stuart Townend, Keith Getty
  • [Em] The Spirit of the sovereign Lord - Andy Park
  • [Em] Our God is an awesome God - Rich Mullins
  • [Bb] Did you feel the mountains tremble? - Martin Smith

I've just got back from two weeks' holiday. It's been a restful time on a sunny Welsh beach (really!). The adjustment to leading a workshop on 'the spirituality, theology and musical style of contemporary worship songs' at the Spiritus festival in Durham yesterday and then leading worship this morning was a little abrupt. But all good.

We had something of a rota crises this weekend. We ended up without a drummer for this morning. Dan switched from bass to cajon. That's the first Sunday meeting I've led without a drummer for almost 10 years!

I mostly chose songs that would work well without drums and bass. Which made me realise again that an awful lot of the most recent songs really are quite dependent on a full band to work. That's not usually a problem for churches like Kings with lots of musicians, but an awful lot of congregations aren't well stocked in drummers, bass players and electric guitarists.

The meeting well enough, but I definitely missed the fuller sound.

The new academic year gears up from today. Our new group of interns and ministry trainees started last week. I'm supervising five placements.

I don't think I've quite landed yet, but it's going to be a full on year...