Setlist - 10 Nov 2013
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [D] Crown him with many crowns - Matthew Bridges, Godfrey Thring, George Elvey
  • [G] Here for you - Matt Redman, Jesse Reeves, Tim Wanstall, Matt Maher
  • [G] Adoration - Brenton Brown
  • [G] O sacred King - Matt Redman
  • [A] I cling to the cross - Chris Juby
  • [A] King of kings, majesty - Jarrod Cooper
  • [A] There's a place where the streets shine - Paul Oakley

An excellent, if unusual morning!

I finished my Bible Summary project on Friday. It's been a crazy few days, with all kinds of media interest. I did an interview for BBC Newcastle at 7.20am this morning, and we had a reporter from BBC Look North filming at the end of the meeting. I was preaching for the first time in years at the evening meeting this evening too. Preparation for leading this morning rather took a back seat, but it all came together wonderfully.

I only remembered just before I left for the meeting that it was Remembrance Sunday, so I swapped in 'Crown him with many crowns' as my opening song, which includes the line "that wars may cease and all be prayer and praise".

The opening block was fairly standard. A good sense of life in the room.

Mark preached on communion, which was a gift for choosing response songs in a week like this.

I was hesitant to use 'I cling' for the second week running. It's such a standard at Kings that there's the risk of overuse. But it fitted so well with the theme. I ran it down a semitone in A for the sake of running it into 'King of kings'. It worked well.

Phil, the journalist from BBC Look North, was filming for most of the response block so I was a little conscious of how I was leading. (Not that anything more than a few seconds will likely make the report, of course.)

We had a great band this morning, including saxophone, so 'There's a place' which is usually a lively song anyway absolutely took off! There was literally dancing in the aisles!