Setlist - 23 Sep 2012
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [G] Oh our Lord and King - Alan Rose
  • [A] How great thou art - tr. Stuart K. Hine
  • [A] How great is our God - Chris Tomlin
  • [A] Holy - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Jason Ingram
  • [Bm] Living for your glory - Tim Hughes
  • [D] I surrender all - Judson van De Venter

The new academic year is bearing down upon us. We decided to try out a new stage setup this morning before the jump in numbers in two weeks time.

The band have typically been spread all across the stage, with a large gap in the middle for the projector screen. This morning we were all off to the left of the screen. That may sound like a small difference, but it made the band feel significantly more together. And it means that the band weren't right in the middle, which is an extra plus.

It was a great morning overall. I felt in fine worship leading and vocal form from the off. We opened 'Holy' up for a good time of free singing. Then Ruth preached an excellent sermon on discipleship.

Ruth's emphasis was on making the Kingdom the central priority of our lives. 'Living for your glory' was an easy choice to begin response, and 'I surrender all' followed up very well. We had enough time for another song, but I felt quite strongly that we had already got to where we needed to go, so I drew the meeting to a close and encouraged people to continue their response with their lives.

By the by, I found a nice little link in the first set, going from "And my heart will sing/How great is our God" at the end of 'The splendour of the King' into 'Holy' with "What heart could hold the weight of your love?" I like that kind of thing.