Setlist - 19 Feb 2006
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [?] Blessing and honour - Gary Sadler
  • [?] Praise him, you heavens - Russell Fragar
  • [?] Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven - Henry Lyte
  • [?] My Jesus, my saviour - Darlene Zschech
  • [?] King of kings, majesty - Jarrod Cooper
  • [?] He is the Lord - Kevin Prosch

A good morning. Roger Forster was with us, speaking on the Kingdom, hence the theme in the songs.

I broke a string on just about literally the first note of the first song. Fortunately it was the G and the rest stayed close enough in tune for me to continue, but I didn't think I could make it through the whole set.

I had planned the first three songs fairly strongly led, running one from the next. By the end of 'Praise, my soul' I was noticably losing tuning. It struck me that it was actually an opportune moment to subvert any sense of 'show' that builds up as the quality of our worship bands increases.

If Sunday meetings are a show then a broken string is a disaster, if we're a family then these things happen. So to explain my two minute absence I pointed out that I needed to replace the string (it's amazing how often people don't notice when a string breaks!) and encouraged people to bring spoken contributions.

I'm still trying to figure a way around broken strings without buying a second guitar. Much as that kind of thing shouldn't be a disaster given that we are more like a family than a show, it's obviously not anything to aim for either and anything sensible that can be done to avoid such moments would seem beneficial. Any thoughts...?