Setlist - 12 May 2019
Morning Worship at Kings

  • [G] And can it be - Charles Wesley
  • [D] Good and Gracious King - Jonny Robinson, James Ferguson, Michael Farren
  • [D] Before the throne of God above - Charitie L Bancroft, Vikki Cook
  • [E] Take My Life And Let It Be - Frances Ridley Havergal, César Malan
  • [?] Build My Life - Pat Barrett, Matt Redman, Brett Younker, Kirby Kaple, Karl Martin

Tim was preaching on the relationship between discipline and grace in the life of discipleship this morning. I themed the songs to preach the same Gospel in relation to our worship: God has done everything for us in Christ; our lives overflow in joyful response.

'Good and Gracious King' is settling in well. The verses are low enough that I was initially unsure whether the congregation had taken to it, but when the chorus hit, the room lifted. Lots of people called out prayers and Scriptures before we brought the opening set to its high point with 'Before The Throne'.

Tim's sermon urged us to lives lives of grateful, disciplined discipleship. 'Take My Life' was a well-tuned response, but it turned out people were not so familiar with it. That's the first time I've led the hymn. I led it to the tune 'Hendon' but some were familiar with another tune. I think I'll persevere with it though.

We were in unusually good time, so I opened up the floor to contributions on the mic. People brought testimonies, exhortations and words from God. There was a call to cry for more of God in it all. We sang 'Build My Life and I encouraged people to pray out what was on on their heart

I had a tidy finish planned with 'I'm Gonna Trust In God' but I could feel the need to linger in that place of calling on God for more of the Spirit. I stepped back from the mic and people prayed and sang their own songs. It felt like we we very close to some kind of breakthrough. Close, but not fully realised.