Setlist - 9 Nov 2018
9pm at the November Burn

  • [C] Holy, holy, holy - Reginald Heber, John Bacchus Dykes
  • [C] Praise him, you heavens - Russell Fragar
  • [C] Is He Worthy? - Andrew Peterson, Ben Shive
  • [D] Revelation Song - Jennie Lee Riddle, Kari Jobe
  • [F] Worthy Of It All - David Brymer, Ryan Hall
  • [F] Forever At Your Feet - Tasha Cobbs, William Murphy
  • [F] I Give You All The Honour - Carl Tuttle
  • [F] Open the eyes of my heart [bridge] - Paul Baloche

Powerful stuff at Burn this evening.

Hannah and I planned a set around Revelation 4 & 5: the scene of worship in heaven. It's striking to me that that was God's response to the C1st situation - troubled politics, some churches lukewarm while others are persecuted, doctrinal disputes. A glimpse of hidden reality, and a sign of our destiny.

Hannah read out Revelation 4 as we started, then Revelation 5 before 'Is He Worthy?', which is written from that chapter.

'Is He Worthy?' is definitely my jam at the moment. A stunning song. Unusually rich in lyrics and music. I'd love to teach it at Kings but I think it might be a bit complicated. The verses have a call and response on every line, there's an extra line than you expect, then the chorus has two sections and a rogue bar of 2:4, and then the second chorus has three extra lines. Not clear until you know it. But Burn is the kind of setting where you can sing a song that people don't know without it falling flat, and people definitely went with it.

That's the first time I've led 'Revelation Song'. I love the Jesus Culture recording, but somehow I assumed it was a complicated song. Verses 2 and 3 do mess with the metre, but it's actually pretty straightforward. And after an unfamiliar song it really worked to lead something that everyone in that gathering knew very well.

Hannah led the next three songs, zooming in from the lofty vision of all creation to picturing our own part in the scene.

Even though 'Worthy Of It All' is on the Kings repertoire list, I've never actually led it before. And 'Forever At Your Feet' was a debut too. A relatively obscure track from one of the favourite albums in our house this year - Tasha Cobbs Leonard's 'Heart Passion Pursuit'.

By this point the room had gone from very intense, to quiet depth. 'I Give You All The Honour' spoke very deeply. We waited on God for a while, then I spontaneously led the bridge of 'Open The Eyes Of My Heart' to draw the theme together.

Once again, so energising to lead at Burn. Wonderful freedom in worship, and great to go deep into a theme that wouldn't be so easy to develop in that way on a Sunday morning.