Setlist - 27 May 2018
Morning Worship at Kings

  • [A] Blessed be your name - Matt Redman, Beth Redman
  • [G] Doxology - Thomas Ken
  • [G] Worship the Lord - Chris Juby
  • [G] Guide me, O thou great Redeemer - William Williams, tr. Peter Williams, John Hughes
  • [G] The Lord is gracious and compassionate - Graham Ord
  • [D] Love Ran Red - Chris Tomlin, Jonas Myrin, Matt Armstrong, Ed Cash, Matt Redman

Our last Sunday in the DSU for a few months while the venue gets redeveloped over the summer. All thirteen years that I've been part of Kings we've been in the DSU for Morning Worship. I've probably led worship there 500 times. It was strange to bring that chapter to a temporary close.

I led a theme of God's faithfulness to his people through the generations to open, including a few classics. We don't really sing 'Blessed Be Your Name' any more other than in exceptional circumstances.

That's actually the first time I've used the Doxology. We just pedalled over a G chord and sang as an atmospheric introduction. My 'Worship the Lord' really took off, as did everything following. There was a thread of God's care for the desperate, which I brought out with a spontaneous song as one point.

Ruth preached an incredibly challenging sermon on corporate and personal guilt. It was palpably uncomfortable in the room as she called us out for our complicity in systemic injustice. That kind of discomfort pushes us towards repentance and ultimately freedom. It's important to remember that the mercy of God doesn't stop by sorting out our appearances. God deals with the deepest reality.

We could have responded for a long time, but unfortunately time was up. Various elements of the meeting had slightly overrun and we couldn't finish late because we had to load all out gear into vans for the venue move. 'Love Ran Red' served as a powerful but insufficient response.