Setlist - 18 May 2018
9:30pm at the Thy Kingdom Come Burn

Tags: burn

  • [Bb] Strength will rise - Brenton Brown, Ken Riley
  • [Bb] Take Courage - Kristene DiMarco, Jeremy Riddle, Joel Taylor
  • [Bb] Forever reign [chorus, bridge] - Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram
  • [Bb] You alone can rescue - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin
  • [Bb] Way Maker - Sinach Joseph

Hannah and I leading together as part of the half night of worship at the Thy Kingdom Come prayer room. The room was pretty full and there was a powerful atmosphere. The themes shaped up as waiting on God and receiving his power.

We used a couple of songs from outside of the Kings repertoire. 'Take Courage' is one that we listen to a lot a home at the moment. I find it a profound idea that we experience God's presence even in the waiting for his promises to be fulfilled.

Hannah discovered 'Way Maker' on YouTube recently. It's a great song over the classic IV-I-V-iv progression. Super uplifting and very very catchy. We pitched it in Bb so we could jump the chorus an octave higher towards the end. That made it a little low in the verses, but the chorus just took off even though people had probably never heard it before. We ended our set singing the chorus over and over. I'm wondering about introducing it to Kings.

I love leading in an environment like the Burn. In regular Sunday worship leading there's a vital pastoral dimension geared towards the long term health of the community, which gives very significant shape to worship leading. That's much less the case in an additional meeting like a Burn, leaving much more room for spontaneity and exploring themes (for example).

It's a great journey learning to lead together with Hannah at these events too. I think co-leading is an important area of growth for me in the months to come.