Setlist - 13 May 2018
Morning Worship at Kings

  • [A] Far and near - Graham Kendrick
  • [C] Come, people of the risen King - Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty
  • [C] Living Hope - Phil Wickham, Brian Johnson
  • [C] Let the weak say 'I am strong' - Rueben Morgan
  • [E] Awake, awake, O Zion - Nathan Fellingham
  • [E] Cornerstone - Edward Mote, Reuben Morgan, Jonas Myrin, Eric Liljero

A resurrection theme to open this morning. I had a strong sense that we needed to remember that we worship not a God of just-getting-by but a God of complete and disjunctive transformation. (Plus it's still Eastertide!)

Hannah and I planned some of the setlist together for this one and she was singing with me. We're trying to incorporate more Scripture into the planned order of worship, so Hannah read the famous passage from Hebrews 10 to link 'Come, People' with 'Living Hope'. That worked well.

'Living Hope' is really the song of the moment. Running it in C gives it good energy and the congregation sings strongly even with a couple of high Es at the top of the melody. The line "You have broken every chain" seems to hit every time we sing it.

The whole first set was very vivid. I feel like we immersed ourselves very tangibly in the sense that God has done everything necessary for life and freedom. We opened up space with ad libs and prayers after 'Living Hope' and encouraged people to deeply take hold of that truth.

I was a lot less sure we had the thematic heart of the response, but it was deep anyway. We're heading towards a venue move after 15 years in the same place and the whole congregation seems stirred to seek God very earnestly.