Setlist - 4 Jun 2017
Sunday morning at Kings

Tags: pentecost

  • [C] Blessing and honour - Gary Sadler
  • [E] You Are Good - Israel Houghton
  • [A] How great is our God - Chris Tomlin
  • [A] Far and near - Graham Kendrick
  • [E] How deep the Father's love for us - Stuart Townend
  • [G] Jesus, You Call Us - Joel Payne

An amazing, chaotic, rollercoaster of a morning.

I just got back from holiday yesterday. We'd been planning an international Sunday to celebrate Pentecost for weeks, opening with a set of very upbeat songs. After news about the latest terrorist attack came through last night I was worried that we might be striking the wrong chord.

In the end decided that a joyful celebration of the unity of people from every nation, tribe and tongue in Christ should be exactly the alternative vision we needed. I was still unsure whether it was the right call all the way through the rehearsal. Fortunately it struck exactly the right chord and the roof nearly lifted off the DSU.

Emeka and Jackie took turns leading the opening songs. (Here's a video clip of the the Kings debut of Israel Houghton's 'You Are Good'.) Then during 'How Great is our God' we had an impromptu choir join to lead the chorus in seven different languages - from Welsh to Mandarin. The truth that we are all one in Christ felt truly profound this morning. That's the politics I believe in!

We carried the same theme through communion. The cry of "We are one" in Joel's new song was very apt.

Mark brought our Hosea series to a close with a strong sermon on the mercy of God. There was tangible depth in the response.