Setlist - 23 Aug 2009
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [E] Let everything that has breath - Matt Redman
  • [G] And can it be - Charles Wesley
  • [G] The cross has said it all - Matt Redman, Martin Smith
  • [G] What can I do - Graham Kendrick, Paul Baloche
  • [E] Indescribable - Laura Story
  • [A] How great thou art - tr. Stuart K. Hine
  • [F#m] I'll stand [chorus] - Joel Houston
  • [F#m] Our God is an awesome God [chorus] - Rich Mullins

The meeting really ignited right from the off. I've taken to explaining a little more about where we're headed in worship as I introduce and transition between songs, often in the form of prayer or exhortation. I think that extra intentionality contributed to a good sense of anticipation as we led up to sharing communion together.

I used my 'In the silence of beginning' for communion itself. I think the song has now established itself with the congregation. It's definitely on the meatier side in terms of lyrical content and more declaration than devotion. Both those factors mean it takes everyone a little longer to really own the song, but I think the greater depth pays off in the long run in terms of richness in our worship.

That's my first time leading with 'Indescribable'. It's a good song, if perhaps a little flowery in its imagery. An interesting quirk about it is the use of 'fall' for 'autumn' in the first verse. That's definitely US rather than UK usage and there's a slight sense of awkwardness every time we sing it.

There are a few instances of those kinds of issues with songs from Chris Tomlin's albums. (Another good example is the line "What's not to love about you?" which opens his most recent album - not a phrase you would ever hear in the UK.) I wonder if there are equivalent UK-isms in, say, Matt Redman or Stuart Townend's writing that throw a slight spanner in the works for US congregations..?