Setlist - 6 Sep 2009
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [?] Come, let us worship Jesus - Graham Kendrick
  • [C] Our God saves - Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown
  • [D] How deep the Father's love for us - Stuart Townend
  • [D] Thank you for saving me - Martin Smith
  • [C] Speak, O Lord - Stuart Townend, Keith Getty
  • [C] Tell out my soul - Timothy Dudley-Smith, Walter Greatorex
  • [F#m] We believe in God the Father - Graham Kendrick

I got back from leading worship at Phil and Robyn's wedding (congratulations guys!) at about 1am this morning so my voice was not up to much and I was tired after a lot of driving, but that's when preparation counts. I had a good sense of where to lead this morning and the meeting went well!

We were up in the Riverside Cafe and started a mini series on Kings values. This morning's sermon was on 'Scripture', hence my song choices in response.

I introduced Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown's 'Our God saves' today. I've been looking for new introduction-to-worship songs and this one fits the bill very well. "In the name of the Father/In the name of the Son/In the name of the Spirit/Lord, we come" is a great opening line for a worship service and the chorus "Our God saves" sets out our hope. I think it will be a useful song. (If you use Spotify you can listen to the song here.)

Otherwise, a lot of Kendrick and Townend this morning. Very solid!

'Speak, O Lord' into 'Tell out my soul' is a great move (both in C), and earlier I returned to the last lines of 'How deep the Father's love' out of 'Thank you for saving me' (both in D) which also worked very well.