Setlist - 24 Apr 2016
Sunday morning at Kings

Tags: actions

  • [C] Our God saves - Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown
  • [Bb] O God of burning, cleansing flame - William Booth, Lex Loizides
  • [Bb] You alone can rescue - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin

An excellent Action Worship Sunday.

Every now and then I'm struck afresh by the profundity of lyrics from familiar songs. That happened this morning with 'Our God Saves'. The verse speaks so much about the holy, joyful thing we do when we gather week by week:

In the name of the Father
In the name of the Son
In the name of the Spirit
Lord, we come
We're gathered together to lift up your name
To call on our saviour and fall on your grace

As we introduced the block with actions, I encouraged people using the example of King David not to equate "undignified" with "trivial" or "not serious". David may have looked silly as he worshipped, but he was absolutely sincere. A whole congregation of adults doing joyful actions may look undignified or even silly, but worship is always a serious business.

Astonishingly, that's the first time I've led 'I Will Lift Up The Name' at Morning Worship. I've done it loads with the kids, at events, etc. but never with the main congregation. (Sorry, Mike!) If you haven't heard it, do check it out. It's an all-age worship classic.

We're trying to include regular repertoire at the end of our Action Worship sets, so we came up with some actions for my 'We Will Trust'. I gave an imaginative hook for the song be encouraging people to imagine themselves running outnumbered from a battlefield, then over the brow of a hill seeing a friendly castle. the image works surprisingly well as a hook for all the lyrics.

We're preaching through Leviticus at the moment. Not many people's favourite book, but it's actually a great one for worship. The whole book is about worship! And full of pictures of Christ.

Mark spoke from Romans on our priesthood in the world as a call to mission. 'O God of Burning, cleansing Flame' was an excellent and obvious response.

The room was alive. I felt we could have sung for quite a bit longer this morning. Good stuff!