Setlist - 12 Oct 2014
Sunday morning at Kings

Tags: communion

  • [G] To God be the glory - Fanny Crosby
  • [C] Jesus paid it all - Elvina Hall, John Grape
  • [F] When I survey the wondrous cross - Isaac Watts
  • [Gm] There's a pageant of triumph in glory - David Fellingham
  • [Bb] You alone can rescue - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin
  • [Bb] Forever reign - Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram

A fantastic morning! So rich with Gospel, resurrection hope.

I taught a new song of mine - Come and Worship Christ the King. It's the first up-tempo opener I've written that I've been been happy to teach the congregation. It has three verses meditating on 1) the eternal glory of Christ in the Godhead, 2) his grace to us in salvation, and 3) his everlasting future glory, with a simple chorus reiterating those themes. I'll hopefully have a demo recording online soon.

The room was alive from the beginning. 'All my days' lifted beautifully, to the point that we dropped 'Who is there like you' to a hushed meditation ahead of communion. 'Jesus, paid it all' was also a very light arrangement, with the congregation in full voice, and 'When I survey' built as we all took communion to a thunderous repeated final verse. The sense of conviction in the singing was tangible.

With very limited voice due to illness, Mark preached a huge sermon on the greatness of Christ from Ephesians 1 and 2. I led a celebratory response - the first outing for 'There's a pageant' in a while, but right on topic. I can't remember a more vivid sense of the reality and power of the Gospel in the room for a while as we finished. Katherine rounded the meeting off with a perfect reading from 2 Cor 4.

Oh, that we could live with the same sense of urgent truth in the Gospel this week!