Setlist - 9 Feb 2014
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [C] Join all the glorious names - Isaac Watts, John Darwall
  • [A] Far and near - Graham Kendrick
  • [A] Jesus, friend of sinners - Paul Oakley
  • [A] Holy - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Jason Ingram
  • [Bb] O Jesus, son of God - Matt Redman
  • [Bb] Forever reign - Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram
  • [Bb] All to us - Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, Matt Redman, Jesse Reeves

Very strong this morning. A Christ-centred, gospel-proclaiming, whole-hearted celebration.

Some of us on staff have been discussing the danger that we overemphasise general characteristics of God (e.g. his faithfulness) at the expense of specifically focussing on Christ in our worship. So I decided to be as specific as possible this morning.

'Join all the glorious names' introduces a number of Christ-centred themes, which I then picked up throughout the rest of the set.

In total we sang of Christ's deity, the Incarnation, Christ's ministry on earth, the Cross, the Resurrection, our resurrection with Christ, his glory as head of the Church, and his coming judgement. Satisfyingly comprehensive.

It's a while since I've used songs like 'Far and near' and 'Jesus, friend of sinners'. They each cover a lot of ground in presenting the heart of the Gospel.

We had Adrian Holloway preaching on Jesus as 'Light of the World' ahead of his lunchtime talks during the CU mission this week. He left us with a wonderfully elevated view of Christ, which led very naturally to a worshipping response.

People brought excellent contributions this morning, and Mark MC'd everything with a great thematic flow from song to spoken contribution and back again. There was a clear coherence in the total message.

I'm not slow to recognise the liturgical limitations of our somewhat ad hoc Charismatic Evangelical approach to worship, but when it clicks like it did today it's both transportative and transformative.