Setlist - 18 Oct 2009
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [E] Let everything that has breath - Matt Redman
  • [G] And can it be - Charles Wesley
  • [G] What can I do - Graham Kendrick, Paul Baloche
  • [Bb] You alone can rescue - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin
  • [Eb] Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice - Matt Redman
  • [D] In the secret - Andy Park
  • [C] Join all the glorious names - Isaac Watts, John Darwall
  • [A] When I call on your name - Ben Cantelon
  • [A] Everyone needs compassion - Rueben Morgan, Ben Fielding

A good morning. Less busy than last week but still about 250 adults in the room.

It was communion this morning. I used 'In the silence' as a meditation during communion itself then we all sang the last two verses together. The last two verses definitely lift in terms of worshipping engagement, the first two can feel a little factual. I wonder whether that's because we so unused to singing about things like Abel's blood and "the code of temple worship" in a worship song.

I used Isaac Watts' 'Join all the glorious names' for the first time this morning. It's a great hymn and it's useful to have learned up Darwall's 148th as there are a number of other good hymns to the same tune.

I'd pretty much learned my arrangement in the week leading up to the meeting, but hadn't got very far with learning the words. It really told. I wasn't that confident leading and needed to constantly look at the words instead of engaging with the congregation. That coupled with the fact that it's not the most intuitive tune meant that I think the hymn didn't go quite as well as it could have done today. It would be hard to overstate how thoroughly you need to know a hymn before you can lead effectively with it.

Overall a good morning, though. And the band sounded fantastic!