Setlist - 11 Aug 2013
Sunday morning at Kings

Tags: communion

  • [C] All creatures of our God and King - St Francis of Assisi, David Crowder
  • [G] Give thanks to the Lord - Chris Tomlin
  • [G] What can I do - Graham Kendrick, Paul Baloche
  • [G] The Lord is gracious and compassionate - Graham Ord
  • [Eb] Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice - Matt Redman
  • [C] Jesus paid it all - Elvina Hall, John Grape
  • [A] When my heart runs dry - Matt Redman
  • [D] Remain - Ben Cantelon
  • [F] Surrender - Marc James

I'm leading less frequently over the summer. After a two week holiday and various developments in how next year is shaping up, it was good to be back this morning.

August can be a bit of a flat time, so I planned an opening set full of standards to give us a bit of flexibility in gauging energy levels.

I read out an abridged version of Psalm 136 in the middle of 'Give thanks to the Lord', with the congregation responding "His love endures forever" to each line. I'm looking to incorporate more spoken Scriptural elements to our worship, and as a first attempt I think this worked quite well. I wasn't as steady as I could have been with the guitar rhythm while I was reading but people definitely got it.

The band sounded great this morning. We brought a freshness to a run of very familiar songs. and the congregation seemed to grab hold of the songs.

'When my heart runs dry' is getting a fair amount of airtime in support of our sermon series on the letters in Revelation. Each week it seems pertinent, and it certainly did this morning as Ruth preached on the letter to Sardis.

I borrowed the title line from Mumford & Sons' 'Awake, my soul', which we repeated a number of times before going in to 'Remain'. It was an effective response to the preaching passage.

I thought I was finishing with 'Remain' but the meeting leader then said "We'll end with a final song". I was momentarily thrown, but 'Surrender' worked as a quieter final response.