Setlist - 23 Jun 2013
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [C] All creatures of our God and King - St Francis of Assisi, David Crowder
  • [A] Blessed be your name - Matt Redman, Beth Redman
  • [A] When I call on your name - Ben Cantelon
  • [A] King of kings, majesty - Jarrod Cooper
  • [G] Guide me, O thou great Redeemer - William Williams, tr. Peter Williams, John Hughes
  • [E] My hope is built on nothing less - Edward Mote, William Bradbury
  • [E] Yesterday, today and forever - Vicky Beeching

What better way to bring the academic year to a close than by breaking a string in the opening song..?

While I made my swift repairs, we encouraged people to read out psalms and call out extemporary prayers. As so often happens, the disruption actually led to lots of contributions and life throughout the meeting.

I planned quite a pastoral set. Each year this Sunday is the last ever Kings meeting for a few dozen people (including two of my band members this morning). It's a transitional time for everyone.

'Blessed be your name' is without equal for these kinds of moments. And it led well into Mark's sermon theme: Moses singing 'Ascribe greatness to our God the rock' even though he wasn't going to go into the Promised Land himself.

(Mark also made kind mention of my hymn 'In the Silence of Beginning' early on in the sermon.)

As I planned the set I was unsure whether 'Guide me O thou great redeemer' would be an absolutely ideal response to the sermon, or whether the final verse would be jarring with Moses specifically not 'landing safe on Canaan's side' (until Mark 9, of course). In the end it was perfect.

I built on the theme of God's faithfulness with 'On Christ the solid rock', which was also a nice echo of Moses' hymn.

It's been a rich year of worship. Let's see what the summer brings...