Setlist - 27 Nov 2011
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [G] Here for you - Matt Redman, Jesse Reeves, Tim Wanstall, Matt Maher
  • [D] Our God saves - Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown
  • [D] Here I am to worship - Tim Hughes
  • [D] From the squalor of a borrowed stable - Stuart Townend
  • [E] My hope is built on nothing less - Edward Mote, William Bradbury
  • [E] Surrender - Marc James
  • [G] Adoration - Brenton Brown
  • [Am] Living for your glory - Tim Hughes

I often feel somewhat uncertain as I lead at the moment, but the meetings are going well.

I knew I had a good set this morning. It's the first Sunday of Advent, and although we don't pay a huge amount of attention to the church year, I sounded the notes of the incarnation in the first block.

I didn't manage to get in touch with Richard, who was preaching, during the week. But I prayed that I would have the right sense of where things should go, and sure enough the second block really clicked.

Richard preached on Paul's 'foolishness' in 2 Cor 11, so I picked up the theme of boasting and pride, and led a response of surrender. There seemed to be deep engagement in the room.

I had a big band this morning, with several new musicians. It gave much greater breadth to the sound. (Much greater volume in the room as well, I'm told, which was also to do with the absence of the barriers that normally separate the stage form the room.) Nate, our drummer, broke his bass pedal during the first song!

I've not led 'My hope is built' before. The lyrics followed the sermon well, and seemed doubly appropriate after a real life "high and stormy gale" last night. I played it in E in 6:8.

I may be feeling uncertain as I lead at the moment, but that's not a bad position to be in.

On Christ, the solid rock, I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
All other ground is sinking sand