Setlist - 12 Mar 2006
Sunday morning at Kings

Tags: communion

  • [E] Let everything that has breath - Matt Redman
  • [E] I'm gonna trust in God - Steve Earl
  • [E] To you, O Lord - Graham Kendrick
  • [G] The Lord is gracious and compassionate - Graham Ord
  • [G] You are God in heaven - Matt Redman
  • [?] There is a redeemer - Melody Green, Keith Green
  • [?] The Lord's my shepherd - Stuart Townend
  • [?] Over all the earth - Brenton Brown

I'm keen for us to grow in our understanding of what's going on as we gather to worship and why we do what we do. I'm not a fan of worship leaders delivering mini sermons between songs, but I felt it was appropriate yesterday to say something about the value of people in the congregation contributing scriptures and other kinds of encouragements.

We have a microphone available for people to share those kinds of things during our worship, and there's a tangible richness about meetings in which people bring strong contributions. Every extra thing that I or one of the other meeting leaders contribute adds to meeting, but it seems to me that every new voice multiplies that richness.

It really only took a minute to bring that encouragement (just before we sang To you, O Lord), and hopefully it's another small step in developing our understanding together. I'll be looking for more of those kinds of low-key opportunities to make explicit some of the things we are committed to in worshipping together.

In other business yesterday, I managed to craftily change a string that broke during You are God in heaven just in time for There is a redeemer after Iris had introduced communion. What's the quote about being lucky with your bad luck...?