Setlist - 14 Mar 2010
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [C] Come, people of the risen King - Stuart Townend, Keith & Kristyn Getty
  • [F] We stand and lift up our hands - Chris Tomlin
  • [F] I will worship - David Ruis
  • [F] All my days - Stuart Townend
  • [C] Living for your glory - Tim Hughes
  • [C] Blessing and honour - Gary Sadler
  • [C] Jesus paid it all - Elvina Hall, John Grape
  • [C] Let the weak say 'I am strong' - Rueben Morgan

I was aiming to move things on a little this morning. I've felt recently that we have got into the way of just singing songs straight through with little variation or space within them. It's so easy just to do the same things that we always do.

I think my plan worked very well in the first block of worship. I opened 'I will worship' up with some spontaneous lyrics, culminating in the idea that the Spirit leads us in worship declaring "Jesus is Lord". I dwelt on that for a bit, which led very well into contributions from the room and then 'All my days'.

I think I was maybe trying to fit too many ideas into the second block. I tried to bring together both a commitment to the kingdom and receiving Jesus' power to that end. It felt a little unfocussed. I needed to be more prepared than I was for doing things a little differently.

But 'Jesus paid it all' went well as a song itself - that's the first time I've used it. It was also the first time I've used 'Come people of the risen King' - which I have slightly mixed feelings about, but the words are good and the congregation as whole seems to be connecting with it.

A good meeting overall. And good to be moving things on.