Setlist - 18 May 2008
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [A] Blessed be your name - Matt Redman, Beth Redman
  • [D] Blessing and honour - Gary Sadler
  • [D] Crown him with many crowns - Matthew Bridges, Godfrey Thring, George Elvey
  • [A] Far and near - Graham Kendrick
  • [?] To you, O Lord - Graham Kendrick
  • [A] King of kings, majesty - Jarrod Cooper
  • [F#m] The Spirit of the sovereign Lord - Andy Park
  • [F#m] Our God is an awesome God - Rich Mullins
  • [A] You never let go - Matt Redman
  • [F#m] More love, more power - Joel del Hierro

Quite a morning. There are some hard things going on for people at Kings this week, plus the world situation. We needed to draw together in worship without making light of things going on.

Normally once a meeting is underway I have a good sense of where things are going but today I was really having to take each step by itself.

'To you, O Lord' wasn't on my setlist but we definitely needed to make that kind of response. I'm not sure I made the right call following with 'King of Kings', which was where what I'd prepared led to, but no disaster.

After Faith Forster preached, 'The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord' was a very good response - the lines 'He will comfort those who mourn/He will provide for those who grieve' took on new depth.

There was a comic note in the midst of everything as I completely messed up the second verse of 'You never let go' (also unplanned and foolishly unlearned). Never have the first two words of the next line been a more appropriate way to signal where we're headed as "Oh no!" to take us back to the chorus!