My 2017 in Songwriting

Here are the songs I finished and recorded in 2017:

1. A Call to Night Worshippers (Psalm 134)

I was working on this version of Psalm 134 as the year started. I really love how the recording turned out. I finally released it as part of the King’s Church Durham Psalms Project in November.

2. We Come To Hear Your Word

At the start of the year Joel at Resound Worship invited us to write for what became the ‘Songs for Sundays’ album. I knew I wanted to write something engaging with the Word and this song came together over a series of Monday mornings through January and February.

3. We Believe In One God (Unshakeable)

Also for ‘Songs for Sundays’. I had the Nicene Creed on my wall and decided to give it a go. Lots of input from the Resound team later, and I’m really pleased with how it shaped up.

4. Jungle Adventure

My colleague Fay asked me to write a theme for the KCD Holiday Club. Inspiration finally struck a few days before the event started. I’ve had lots of complaints about how catchy it is, so apologies if it now gets stuck in your head all Christmas.

5. Jesus Is With Us Now

My first Christmas song! Once again, Fay asked me if I could write something for our all-age Carol Service. Once again, something came together the week before.

That’s the most songs I’ve ever finished in a year, and there are actually four more coming into land. The thread seems to be that I get songs finished if someone else asks me to write them. Do feel free to put in your requests and hopefully 2018 will be just as productive!

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