Modular Ludo

Modular Ludo

I’ve been playing Ludo with my two children quite a bit recently. But standard Ludo is a 4-player game, which means lots of extra hopping around the blank segment when three of us play.

I realised that each segment of the board is essentially a self-contained area, and that it would therefore be possible to come up with a modular design to allow as many or as few players as you like. I came up with a system of hoops and pegs to allow the modules to be easily added or removed while the whole board is sturdy enough for children to play with.

Here’s the result:

The design works really well. I’ve only made four modules so far, but the game could be expanded almost indefinitely. (Although much beyond four players would make for a long game!)

I’m a very amateur woodworker, so it was interesting to see the noticeable improvement in quality of finish as I built each module.

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  1. Mum says:

    What a brilliant idea:) I look forward to playing when we next get together:) X

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