by Chris Juby


Come, Lord Jesus, bring your light
Lead me through this desperate night
You have always been my guide
Turn your ear and hear my cry

Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus, calm this sea
Help me in my unbelief
You have always been my peace
Speak a word and rescue me

Come, Lord Jesus, heal my soul
Make these broken pieces whole
You are still my only hope
Please don't leave me here alone

© Chris Juby 2024
CCLI #7226524 · Online Reporting

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I had terrible insomnia for months after I lost my voice. I would sit wide awake at 3am, desperate and aimless. I couldn't pray and I couldn't write songs. I wasn't sure if I would do either ever again.

I wrote this as I began to surface. It gives voice to what I had no words for at the time.

It deliberately sounds like a sad lullaby, and references New Testament stories about doubt and disorientation.