Jesus is Here

by Chris Juby


Jesus is here, moving among us
Bringing good news to the poor
Jesus is here, healing the broken
Calling the lost to come home

Jesus, you're the living promise
God has come among us
Full of grace and truth
Saviour, shining in the darkness
Rescuing the helpless
Making all things new

Jesus is here, freeing the captives
Breaking the chains of our sin
Jesus is here, raising the fallen
Making the dead live again

Jesus is here, calling disciples
Teaching the way of the cross
Jesus is here, giving his Spirit
Breathing new life into us

© 2020 Chris Juby /
CCLI #7143723 · Online Reporting


Finally finished and ready to be released in January 2020.

We preach through one of the Gospels between Christmas and Easter most years at Kings. When I'm preparing worship for those series I always struggle to find contemporary songs that talk about the life and ministry of Jesus rather than focussing on his death and resurrection. So I decided to write one.

I knew I wanted a song to use in wholehearted response to preaching on Gospel texts, so it had to describe Christian experience. But I also decided to limit myself to only writing what I could imagine the original followers of Jesus being able to say. The whole song recognises the transforming power of Christ and our need of him.