Ocean Odyssey

by Chris Juby


Ocean Odyssey (Hear the story!)
Come and join the team (We're explorers!)
Underwater seekers
Always going deeper
Dive in to the Word of God

In our submarine
Searching for the deepest truth
Jesus shows the way for us to go

Solve the mystery
Read the Bible, find the clues
Jesus is the answer to it all

© 2018 Chris Juby
CCLI #7115790 · Online Reporting

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After the success of Jungle Adventure in 2017, it was a given that I'd try to come up with a theme for our underwater-themed holiday club in 2018. Here's the result!

Writing a theme song is fairly straightforward because the main lyric is already set. With this one and with Jungle Adventure I basically started by seeing how the syllables of the title felt like they wanted to be sung. The general feel is also pretty set by the theme. The whole thing came together fairly quickly, with only a bit of refining of what exactly we wanted to say in the verses.

For the recording I was trying to imagine what a sea shanty would sound like if it was a 1990's computer game theme tune. My sons joined me on backing vocals.