Setlist - 19 Jan 2019
7-8pm at the January Burn

Tags: burn

  • [F] This is amazing grace - Phil Wickham, Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle
  • [F] Sing the Name - Micah Massey, Israel Houghton, BJ Putnam
  • [F] Great Are You, Lord - David Leonard, Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan
  • [F] Way Maker - Sinach Joseph
  • [F] No Longer Slaves - Jonathan Helser; Joel Case; Brian Johnson

No Hannah this evening due to illness. I missed having her in the mix.

But it was a great session. Completely acoustic and in the round this time. We sang so loud that I broke a guitar string during the third song, but luckily my double capo setup for drop-F tuning held the other five in tune and I was able to carry on without fixing it.

My theme this evening was throwing us headlong into Jesus, into the promise of the Gospel, into the power of his presence with us. As ever at Burn, the room rose instantly in faith and in worship.

'Sing the Name' was a new one to almost everyone and the drop in volume was noticeable, but people went with it and it spoke powerfully of our right orientation for the year ahead.

The singing was so loud during the bridge of 'Great Are You, Lord' that I encouraged us to act out the line "All the earth will shout your praise" and we literally shouted. It was powerful.

Through the last two songs I was struck by the call for us to lives lives full of faith for what God wants to do in us and around us - not calibrating ourselves by what seems normal, but instead by what God wants to do in the world. An inspiring and challenging message.

I feel faith rising for the season ahead.