Setlist - 31 Jul 2016
Sunday morning at Kings

  • [E] Great is your faithfulness - Chris Tomlin
  • [E] The Lion and the Lamb - Brian Johnson, Brenton Brown, Leeland Mooring
  • [E] Cornerstone - Edward Mote, Reuben Morgan, Jonas Myrin, Eric Liljero
  • [E] Surrender - Marc James
  • [E] Your grace is enough - Reuben Morgan
  • [A] Forever reign - Reuben Morgan, Jason Ingram

A catalogue of difficulties in the practise this morning, including a forgotten bass guitar, a broken jack socket, a broken string, and even a light falling off the ceiling and smashing on the stage. It's in moments like those that experience really counts. I knew it would probably all come together in the actual meeting.

I ran my new song 'Worship the Lord' again. I think that's a keeper.

Over the summer break it's even more obvious than usual that there are increasing numbers of children at our morning meeting. That poses some interesting challenges as we try to broaden our content to engage with those who are actually in the room.

We love wordy hymns and intense contemporary songs at Kings, but neither of those are very accessible for children. This morning we took some of the elements of our monthly action worship - actions, flags, ribbons - and integrated them into the usual format. It's labour intensive for the kids team, but I think that's a good glimpse of what we could do moving forward.

Tom preached a challenging sermon about how easy it is to let knowledge about God to mask a lack of desire to actually know God. We had plenty of time for response, and the room went very deep.

I was pretty exhausted afterwards, but a rich and diverse morning.