Setlist - 18 Dec 2011
Sunday morning at Kings

Tags: christmas

  • [C] Tell out my soul - Timothy Dudley-Smith, Walter Greatorex
  • [F] Hark, the herald angels sing - Charles Wesley
  • [F] I will worship - David Ruis
  • [A] Holy - Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin, Jason Ingram
  • [G] You laid aside your majesty - Noel Richards
  • [E] My hope is built on nothing less - Edward Mote, William Bradbury

My last worship set of the year. In fact, my last time leading till mid-January!

The Sunday after our Carol Service is always a bit eclectic. We shift to out-of-uni-term mode, there are some carols, some regular worship songs and we take communion. It's the end of a long term and always a little ragged.

This year was no exception, featuring (amongst other chaos) such perrenial favourites as a broken string and a forgotten melody.

That said, because of the ever-increasing pool of musicians at Kings, we still had seven in the band and sounded a lot less ramshackle than in previous years.

I liked my 'Hark, the herald' into 'I will worship' move. I love running a solid hymn into a devotional chorus anyway, and the hymn being a carol is an extra bonus!

We then paused to consider that the God who came amongst us in flesh 2,000 years ago still comes into the midst of our lives and our circumstances by the Holy Spirit today.

Unusually, we took communion after the sermon. It was good to lead into the final block of worship from communion. There's always a deep sense of attentiveness to God after we've shared bread and wine.

We slightly fudged 'Joy to the world' at the end of the meeting. The broken string (in the rehearsal beforehand) meant that we hadn't practised it and we fluffed the ending. But the sense of family and of God amongst us at this time of year greatly overwhelmed any untidiness in our liturgy.

Happy Christmas, everyone! May you know God's presence with you, whatever the season holds.